Cooling System

Dunlop Hiflex together with the Alfagomma Group have delivered fluid conveying solutions into the wind industry for more than 20 years.

Cooling System

The cooling systems are essential for the proper functioning of the key elements of the nacelle such as gearboxes, generators, converters and power packs. The cooling systems allow to keep these elements at a proper optimal operating temperature and avoiding malfunctioning, better performance and longer life time.
The primary cooling circuit conveys the warm oil from the gear box to be cooled by the heat exchanger. Then the secondary cooling circuit conveys the cooling liquid that absorbed the heat produced by the gear box rotation (transferred into the gear box oil) and evacuates it into the radiator located normally outside, on the top of the nacelle.

We can we offer for above cooling circuits the following solutions:

Rubber hoses

Silocon hose

Steel hoses

Rigid pipes